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Textbook Offer

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Trying to make a difference
in a challenging economy.

To Students, Educators, and Parents,

My name is Terry H. Wesner, the owner of Bernard J. Klein Publishing. I have sponsored this free website (AKA GetMath), where anyone can download my 3rd edition Elementary Algebra textbook with two accompanying ancillaries for free. I have never allowed ads. I don’t ask for donations, and I don’t keep any records of who visits my site.

If you enter free math textbook in a Google search, I am usually first out of 2 million listings, and for the most generic search term, free math, I am about 11th out of 58 million listings. To have achieved that high of a ranking, I must be doing something that students, educators, and parents all appreciate. I am currently in the process of bookmarking in PDF 10 more books to add to this site. You can currently visit and use 10 of my textbooks for free. There are ads on that site, but also a lot of other subjects to choose from.

My company specializes in mathematics from arithmetic through precalculus, and our primary objective is to provide low or no-cost educational materials to students and educators. My textbooks were developed and produced by McGraw Hill and are 5-color hardbound textbooks with full ancillary packages developed to the highest industry standards.

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I would like to offer to any school district my 5th Edition Algebra Textbooks, which I have just updated and copyrighted in 2010. The costs to the schools would be just two dollars over the cost of printing. The bottom line is that a textbook retailing for $145 and wholesaling for $110 would cost roughly $5.70 to $10.50 including a complete text-specific ancillary package.
The end cost only varies by the number of books that are printed at one time.

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This is for a 704-page full-color hardbound textbook with an annotated
instructor’s edition and a full text-specific ancillary package.

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photos trial The two dollars over the cost of printing allows me to also provide copies of the text-specific ancillary materials on disc, from which administrators can make as many copies as needed for instructors, as well as students. The accompanying ancillaries include – an annotated instructor's edition, a student's solutions manual, an instructor's solutions manual, an instructor's resource manual, text-specific video lectures explaining examples and solving problems from the text on CDs or DVDs, printable tests, a test bank, and more. Selected samples of the ancillaries can be viewed, downloaded, and reviewed at If when you click on the link and the site does not appear, check to see if it is sitting in the tray at the bottom of your screen. Otherwise, cut and paste the link into your browser.
I feel it is time to start giving back to the educational community that has supported me for almost three decades. I now have the opportunity to make available new materials to schools who simply can no longer afford updated books due to budget cuts, reductions in state and federal funding, and even natural disaster such as hurricanes, floods, tornados, and tsunamis. Low-cost/free material is usually worth what you paid for it, and in education, poor materials equate to a lower success rate in the classroom. For that reason, I will provide a little more information about myself. This is a URL to a sample of over 250 teachers who actively participated in the development of the various editions of my textbooks.  

I hope that my offer generates some interest, and I am happy to provide any other information that you would like. The Textbook Offer link above or below allows you to download a more detailed PDF of this offer that can either be printed and sent or emailed to administrators or organizations that might be interested in further exploring this unique offer.

Best regards, Terry H. Wesner
CEO Bernard J. Klein Publishing


Textbook Offer